Better Under One Roof: True Design Specialists at the Helm, Design, Manufacture & Install Time


Over the years, we’ve talked about the ways that increased efficiencies, new technologies and innovative designs are transforming the construction and architecture landscape.

The pursuit of better solutions for our clients has driven us since day dot. That’s why I’m proud that Monkeytoe has built – and continues to build worldwide – a reputation for excellence across the board.

From initial consult to scoping, design, manufacture and install, we’re big believers in the idea that if you’re going to do it, you’ve got to do it well. And if you’re going to do it all, you’d better be sure that you’re going to get all of it right.

The proof’s in the pudding, as it were. Architects, engineers, builders and building owners alike worldwide trust our total consultation-to-installation services and design specialists, and our ability to make complex access challenges simple.

That’s because we do it all under one roof. We don’t waste time and our clients’ budgets outsourcing when we simply don’t need to. Our experts in design, materials, manufacture and installation are working together daily to deliver exceptional solutions for our clients, no matter their project or challenge.

Read on to find out more about why we’re better together.

True Design Specialists at the Helm

We understand the importance of meeting expectations and consistently delivering on time. It’s a finite resource, after all. That’s why fast turnarounds in design, manufacture and install are key to not just keeping a project moving, but saving money across the board.

Anywhere that you can tidy up on wasted hours is money in the bank. The fast turnaround and install of Monkeytoe solutions continue to surprise even the most experienced site managers, and often is where our clients first see the potential savings realised.

Faster builds obviously mean less money paid out for standing around, but they also mean your spaces get filled and utilised sooner by your clients. A week gained in time is a week sooner that a space can be fitted out and returning on its investment – something we can all agree is worthwhile.

That’s why we go out of our way to ensure our products and solutions are fast, efficient and great at what they do.

Design & Manufacture Time

From the ground up, we’ve designed our solutions to be quick to manufacture for  both standard and custom designs. That means we can turn around  everything from platforms to beams, ladders, stairs and everything in between with incredible speed. This is especially useful when designers and builders are bringing us in late to a project: we can get our design specialists onto a clients’ project and generating solutions in no time, so that the fit-out can continue to run on schedule.

Our design flexibility is due in part to the way we’ve built our in-house and client-focussed systems, as well as the versatility of aluminium as our primary working material.

Its abundance, performance and high workability mean we’re able to create effective designs and solutions with ease.

But it’s not just aluminium. In any situation where weight is a consideration, we can change the amount of carbon in our XBEAM solutions and balance the strength-to-weight ratio accordingly. And because we do this in- house, it takes us no time at all to produce a novel solution for our clients.

Install Time

We’re quick to mention how versatile our solutions are. We know how much plans can change when you get to site. That’s why the modular, flexible design we’ve innovated means that it’s possible to tweak the design when we get to site, working in with changes as they happen.

The XBEAM platform’s low weight and high strength, combined with the ability to be assembled on the ground on site, means that the complete unit can be lifted into place – often by a single crane.

The combination of low weight and ground-level assembly means that we’ve effectively eliminated hot works at height and the huge costs, risks and time associated with lugging heavy steel beams or welding.

A completed XBEAM platform can simply be lifted into place, and often with a single crane. With fewer people and consents to deal with, and products showing up effectively finished, the prefabrication of custom solutions means quicker and safer installations – and big savings of time, stress and money.

Because we design, manufacture and assemble ourselves, we’ve mitigated the time lost shifting between tradespeople and manufacturers. If we want something  done, we walk down to our colleagues or give them a call and they’re onto it.

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