Efficiencies: Saving Money and Lifetime Costs with Monkeytoe and XBeam

Now more than ever, businesses are looking to make their buildings and building processes more efficient. Every day, we look at ways of saving ourselves and our clients on their projects. Less waste, fewer losses, more time up our sleeves. The question is always: How can we do this better? Our latest solution is the Monkeytoe XBeam. It’s faster to install, stronger and lighter than standard structural steel alternatives. That’s helping builders, designers and architects to see greater potential with their spaces, and get projects completed in fewer man-hours. That’s what we mean by efficiency.

Efficiency is also about standing the test of time though. One of the reasons we love marine-grade, high tensile aluminium is that its corrosion rate is a fraction of that of steel – that means that rather than having to worry about galvanising, painting and re-finishing every decade or so (as you would with steel), our aluminium lasts and lasts. Do it once, and do it properly.

Anywhere that you can tidy up on wasted hours is money in the bank. The fast turnaround and install of a Monkeytoe XBeam platform continues to surprise even the most experienced site managers, and often is where our clients first see the potential savings realised.

Faster builds obviously mean less money paid out for standing around, but they also mean your spaces get filled and utilised sooner by your clients. A week gained in time is a week sooner that a space can be fitted out and returning on its investment – something we can all agree is worthwhile.

There is also huge potential for the lifetime cost of a project. In a previous ebook, ‘Aluminium vs. Steel’, we talked about why aluminium is the metal of kings. It’s a long-lasting, durable and sustainable product – leagues ahead of steel when it comes to its potential in the design and construction industries.

Not only is aluminium around a third of the weight of steel, it’s an order of magnitude better at resisting corrosion – something critical when we’re thinking about the harsh environments and salt air of coastal climates.

Steel gets porous and needs to be treated and regularly re-coated to maintain its integrity; aluminium doesn’t. Monkeytoe’s marine-grade, high tensile aluminium-based options now solve the problem of ongoing maintenance, slashing the lifetime cost and returning that money to you and your clients’ pockets.

That’s why we’ve used aluminium in so many of our products, including the XBeam. Our products are lighter, faster and easier to work with than steel, and have none of the long-term hassles. It just makes sense.

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Click here to download our latest ebook “Efficiencies through Monkeytoe and the XBeam” to find out more about how Monkeytoe are building the beam that’s raising the bar and improving efficiencies on and off site.

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