Portal VS Purlin: When to Consider a Custom Design Solution

At Monkeytoe, our focus (alongside innovation) has always been making the process easier for all involved.

Below are a few useful points on when you should consider a custom design solution.

Across all Monkeytoe solutions, including our portal/rafter and purlin mounts, we offer a custom design process that encompasses everything from consultation to installation. Sometimes we’re talking to architects about how to maximise space with lighter, stronger solutions like the XBEAM; we might be visiting sites to scope measurements; or we’re talking with the installation team to ensure it comes together just right.

Because we’ve developed our platforms from standard components in custom configurations (and some custom components too), we’re able to develop mounting and access solutions that can span any scenario, anywhere, and for any need.

Plus, we have all the expertise in-house, which means you don’t have to deal with multiple trades or consultants to get your project done, since we have dedicated specialists designing with the final outcome in mind. Step by step, we provide it all: consultation – design – manufacture – installation. We incorporate many of our modular designs and products into our custom designs, which streamlines the process even further.

We’re here to make it easy. So whether you need unbiased advice, engineering and design support, or help installing your Monkeytoe purlin- or portal-/rafter-mounted platform, reach out to us.

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Click here to download our latest ebook “Portal vs Purlin: The Mounting Showdown” to find out more about mounting solutions. Understand the science behind why portal / rafter mount? Why purlin? And what’s going to come out on top for your needs – now and into the future?

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