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A note from Budd

Hi everyone,

Well, we certainly hope you’ve been keeping dry the last month. The wild weather has thrown the country into a spin, with flooding causing plenty of chaos. The outlook is encouraging for some recovery, at least.

If there’s one thing that we’re good at, it’s being prepared for whatever nature throws at us. That’s why so much attention needs to be paid to earthquake proofing and weather resilience in our mighty country. We’ve incorporated durability with innovation for a long time – but a bit of future proofing came into play with some recent projects such as the Ormiston Town Centre and 308 Remuera projects in this month’s update.

Read on and you’ll also learn about our latest white paper too. And if you think that working with the best in the business is a bit of you, then you’re in luck – because we have a few openings on the team.



Ormiston Town Centre: Your place to shop, eat and play

Located in the vibrant heart of South Auckland, Ormiston is so much more than a new shopping centre. It’s also a place for convenience, relaxation, entertainment, business and easy living. 

The 120m dollar project has been in development since around 2019, undertaken between Scarbro Construction and Savory Construction for Todd Properties. While the entire project was completed over a period of 22 months, Monkeytoe were brought in at the end of 2020 to provide a number of unique access solutions.

Working at the Hoyts Cinema space presented a chance to work on tight briefs. While the role of projectionist has changed with the introduction of digital projectors, there are still strong demands to safely access projector rooms and perform important maintenance. Monkeytoe developed specified gantry walkways to connect two of Hoyts’ Xtremescreen cinemas, supported from the roofing structure. With a lot of ventilation ducting underneath the proposed walkways, access was limited – but we were able to introduce a fantastic solution that will serve them well for decades.

We also provided unique fire escape stairs out of the cinemas. While it would be ideal to simply fix stairwells to the walls, in this scenario that would have compromised the acoustics and transferred sound between cinemas. Not what you want when you’re trying to enjoy the latest movie! Our three-flight, self-supporting solution allowed 50mm clearance for both acoustic performance and seismic safety. 

But wait, there’s more. We developed a range of external access solutions to support the mall’s HVAC systems, as well as vertical louvres to make the air conditioning units more discreet from the roadside. Feedback has proven the project to be a resounding success, with the team approaching us to work on three additional projects since then.

308 Remuera Road

A coveted address in exclusive Remuera, this new development of 18 majestic apartments promises a perfect blend of privacy and glamour. With sweeping views and sumptuous living spaces on a prime, northern location, 308 Remuera is a luxurious new location.

Remuera more generally is known as an affluent location with discerning homeowners, so it stands to reason that 308 Remuera would need discreet, powdercoated acoustic screening for their HVAC equipment. We were brought in to provide two large platforms, with large screens helping to blend into the Paterson + Cullen + Archaus design.

The project demanded special attention from us, as this area is prone to high wind loading – but the resource consent also required that the screening was meeting a certain height requirement. As a result, we lowered the screening slightly to meet requirements, and added in extra engineering features so that this adapted screen would take high wind loads without the typical bracing.

A combination of classic and traditional, 308 Remuera will stand the test of time on Remuera’s golden mile.

Think you’ve got what it takes to work with Monkeytoe?

We’re on the lookout for good sorts who love challenging the status quo, helping bring clients’ visions to life, and on the whole shaping an innovative approach to design and access.

Together our team contributes to the growth, success and essence of Monkeytoe and our clients. If you come from a diverse background and want to be part of a winning team, then head to the Careers tab on our About Us page to see what roles are right for you.

Bridging the gap

It’s never just a case of dropping a beam from Point A to Point B and calling it a day.

Yes, bridges are one of the boldest engineering challenges out there. We reckon it takes a special skill to achieve the right balance of span, strength, member size and weight, performance and aesthetics.

If you have a bridge challenge, and you want a team that can master all of the above with some of the most innovative solutions on the market, then flick a message to Monkeytoe today. We’ve got a comprehensive set of designs and components that can meet any need – and maybe even surprise you in the process.

Dreaming of a new career?

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While our central hub is based in Taranaki (go the Bulls!), we also have offices in Christchurch and Auckland – and we have flexibility in days and hours, and even in location, for the right people.

Keen to know more? Then head to the Careers tab on our About Us page to see what roles are right for you.

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