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Check out what's been happening at Monkeytoe in June in our latest monthly news feature.

A note from Budd

Hi everyone,

We’ve officially passed the shortest day of the year, which means we’re only going to get more sunshine from here on out – and more opportunities to be on site.

We’ve spoken before at length about how Monkeytoe’s solutions are right for designers, engineers and architects, but we’d be remiss to not talk about working on industrial projects across Australasia. That’s covered in this month’s update – talking about the work we do throughout the food, manufacturing, energy, local council and other industries where high performance and innovative solutions are a must.

We’ve also launched our new span tables (a must for any engineer or designer in our game), and sharing a win for our Aussie manufacturing with the Australian-made seal of approval. Mornings with Monkeytoe has been racking up the views, so I encourage you to check out broadcaster Louis Herman-Watt’s great sessions with the people who have seen XBEAM change the way they do things.


Budd Prestidge, General Manager

Monkeytoe for Industry

We’ve waxed lyrical about our work for retail and commercial spaces, but did you know that Monkeytoe also does exciting work across a range of industries? Here’s a small sample of what we’ve been up to for some industry clients.


Whether our clients need safe access solutions for drinking water, wastewater or stormwater projects, we’ve got something up our sleeves – like the custom Monkeytoe ladder and platform access that would cut risk and provide a safe, corrosion-resistant aluminium-based structure for the good people at Maraetai Dam. Just as well we use marine-grade aluminium too; our work is built for all weather conditions and will stay looking great for years to come.


Nature has a habit of not growing according to a plan, which is why custom access solutions are a must for parks, reserves, and the beautiful recreational spaces across Aotearoa. Monkeytoe aluminium requires little or no maintenance long-term, unlike steel or wood, which makes our solutions great for the likes of Nga Puna Wai, Mairangi Bay and Cass Peak.

Food/beverage manufacturing

It’s the core of our economy – and no wonder, when we produce some of the finest foods and drinks in the world. The likes of dairy titan Fonterra, potato producers Balle Brothers and Nestlé have chosen Monkeytoe to help develop more efficient systems for their plants and storage facilities.


You might be surprised that maintaining a high standard of comfort and ease for customers means that supermarkets can have some of the most extensive HVAC systems of any building. Having the best mounting solution for all this equipment is of utmost importance… solutions only Monkeytoe can provide. Just check out our work with Countdown, Pak’nSave, New World and Fresh Choice.
As long as we’re innovating – that is, forever – we’ll continue to work with good people who want to create brilliant solutions for all their access and mounting needs.

XBEAM Spanning Tables Now Available

If you’re an engineer worth their salt, then you’ll know that a span table is an invaluable asset to have on hand. Just as well we’ve made available the span tables for all our XBEAM models, and for every length from 0.5m to 15.0m.

Yes, that’s right. Whether you’re looking at a uniformly distributed design load capacity (kN/M) with simply supported conditions + full lateral restraint, or the design moment capacity (kN/M) without lateral restraint, you’ll find this hot information on our website. 

Just look for the ‘XBEAM’ banner and click the ‘Span Tables & Downloads’ tab – or reach out to us and we’ll put you in touch with one of our experts.

The Australian Made Seal of Approval

COVID’s made us all think about supporting local, so it’s just as well we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to support Australian-made for our Oz contingent. We’re proud to announce that the host of products now coming out of the Australian factory are officially registered as Australian Made!

This isn’t just lip service, either. We source our top-grade aluminium from Australia, and make our products with Australian talent for Australia-wide supply.

If you want to support the Aussie economy for your next building, engineering or design project, then make sure you ask for Monkeytoe by name.

Mornings with Monkeytoe

Our limited four-part series Mornings with Monkeytoe is now available for viewing on the Monkeytoe website and on YouTube.

We were fortunate enough to have Kiwi broadcaster and journalist Louis Herman-Watt hosting the series, where he spoke with structural engineer Rowan Neville, the ‘father of the XBEAM’ Logan Klenner, Managing Director at Lonestar Construction Craiger Hargesheimer, and Buildcorp Contracts Manager Edward Bowden to undercover the first-hand benefits of the XBEAM for projects across Australasia.

From the best ‘bang for your buck’ performance to the surprising innovations that made the XBEAM possible, Mornings with Monkeytoe contains a wealth of information for those ready to learn about how we’re shaping the industry. Check out the videos here.

Download our new eBook: Portal vs Purlin: The Mounting Showdown

In our first ebook for the construction, design and architectural industries, we saw the ultimate showdown between steel and aluminium. Now we’re pitting portal mounts and purlin mounts – but who comes out on top might not be as straightforward as you think.

Head over to our website to download Portal vs Purlin: The Mounting Showdown and find out which is the right solution for your next project.


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