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A note from Budd

Hi everyone,

March has been flat-tack for us here at Monkeytoe – and I don’t reckon we’re alone in saying that!

Let’s talk about innovation. Cast your minds back to 2017, if you will. SpaceX conducted the first reflight of an orbital class rocket, ushering in a new space age; the US had sworn in a new president; and Team NZ were harbouring another bold leap that would see them win the America’s Cup once again.

It’s been called the best kept secret in the Cup’s history. Team NZ’s R&D realised that legs were powerful – more powerful than arms, it turns out – which made them ideal for utilising the grinders that would raise and lower the racing foils. They brought in Olympic cyclists to advise, and invested heavily in the digital tech that would accelerate their path through – and out of – the water. The team sailed to victory in 2017.

So when Team NZ defended the Cup from Italy this year, we were watching closely. Luna Rossa put up a respectable fight, but in the end it was the Kiwi edge that saw us decisively win 7-3!

We know that clever thinking and the right ideas are what set us apart from the rest of the world. That’s why we’re so proud of our own humble innovations like the XBEAM – which this month celebrates one year of raising the bar – alongside solutions like the HushMonkey acoustic panels, and even down to the RC01 clips that allow us to mount our platforms.
There’s all this and more in this month’s update, so read on


Budd Prestidge, General Manager

One year of XBeam!

The XBeam started with an idea: a lighter, longer-spanning, better beam and platform solution that could outperform steel and inspire innovative solutions across construction, design, and architecture. Well, not to blow our own horns, but we’ve achieved just that.

Yes, that’s right – this time last year, we were only just launching the beam that’s raising the bar – the XBEAM by Monkeytoe.

Our XBEAM solutions can now be found across New Zealand and Australia, from Coles supermarkets to Fonterra dairy factories, with results that have impressed all players in the game. We reckon we’ve saved around 185,000kg of platform weight from being unnecessarily loaded onto roofs, thanks to the strength XBEAM achieves without compromising on weight or span. That’s made for massive savings in time (platforms can be lifted whole, so no hot works at height), weight (35% lighter than the equivalent steel solutions), and cost (with faster installs, a greater capacity for platform loading, and more valuable space freed up).

365 days in the marketplace, but years of innovation, experience, testing, and development in the making. Here’s to many, many more for this industry-changer!

Innovating with Lyttleton Port

When Lyttleton Port in New Zealand’s South Island received a last-minute contract from shipping giant Maersk to store a large shipment of high-maintenance shipping containers, they knew they needed an access solution delivered – and fast.

With just five weeks on the clock until the containers arrived, Lyttleton Port reached out to us to talk about what we could do together. We worked hard to custom design and fabricate three mobile access structures that could be pushed along the ground and throughout the shipping yard, enabling their specialists easy access to monitor and maintain this valuable stock. It’s been a pleasure working with Lyttleton Port on this innovative application for our custom design solutions – and to have seen it up and running in time for their big delivery!

Monkeytoe with the Midas touch for Coles Woodlea

If you’re visiting the recently opened town centre in Woodlea, Victoria, you’ll probably be first struck by the incredible gold louvered mechanical deck, then by the sloping louvered platforms throughout the rest of the Coles supermarket access space.

Massive thanks to Maben Group Pty Ltd and Coles for the opportunity to once again work together on this project, and to see our multi-platform installation with proprietary angled louvre screenings and connecting walkways throughout go off without a hitch.

Unpacking the Jackstud Fixing

Let’s say you’re after a roofing mount for your next platform – and rightly so, we say. Well, there’s a couple of things you should know, including why our RC01 jackstud fixing is the superior fixing solution for mechanical plant mounting.

Let’s say you’ve got typical ribbed roofing. A lesser fixing would mount through the ‘trough’ or ‘pan’ of the ribbing (the lowest part). If you want to create a debris trap that risks the integrity of your roof, then go right ahead!

We’ve developed our proprietary RC01 jackstud fixing to be the best in show. It mounts through the rib of the roofing material, with the unique jackstud transferring all loads directly on to the purlins, meaning no damage or roofing warranty issues. It’s a weatherproof, watertight solution in place for years to come.

The Ultimate Defence: Protecting Your Zincalume & Colourbond Roof

As your building’s first line of defence against the elements, your roof matters. That’s why we’ve invested so much energy in protecting roofs with well-designed and seamlessly integrating mounting systems.

Here’s the rub: common mounting structures, sloppy installation, and penetrations all increase the risk of compromised roofing – and that leads to leaks, void warranties and headaches you don’t need.

Download our latest ebook The Ultimate Defence: Protecting Your Zincalume & Colourbond Roof, and learn how to protect metal roofing against damage.

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