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How do you get a new plant deck installed with no plans, no time, and still achieve the highest compliance ratings?

The Problem.

That was the challenge for Matt Harriden, Managing Director, Premier Build when he discovered during the construction of a 7-Eleven service station in Brisbane that the plant deck hadn’t been drawn as part of the plans. To meet deadline there was no time to get the engineers to draw it, and the structural steel installers to make it.

Enter Monkeytoe.

Engineers for the project introduced Matt to us and he was confident that, with us, he’d be able to stay on his construction programme and continue to work with other trades to complete his job on time.

“I found Monkeytoe really easy to deal with, really professional and they came over to run through everything with me on site, which was reassuring” says Harriden.

“Overall the project delivery was fantastic, I had one point of call which was directly to the installer.”

Mark Terepai, Manager of Top Level Projects who managed the installation added that the site had difficult and limited access but like all good challenges, working with us was easy to find a solution. And he was extremely happy with the quality of the deck as well, “Comparing it to other platforms it is a lot stronger…” Terepai said and very able to withstand the heavy loads, with the added bonus of sitting on top of the roof and not penetrating and damaging the new roof.

The Monkeytoe way.

Monkeytoe HVAC platforms are manufactured in Melbourne from Australian aluminium extrusion and are engineered to the highest Australian standards.  So along with these benefits, Monkeytoe plant decks also have anti-vibration features, incomparable strength qualities, and can be made any size to hold equipment of any weight.

Compliance is critical in all aspects of the construction of a 7-Eleven service station, and we needed to comply to the most rigid standards.

It only took a day to get installed, and we were really happy to make Matt’s job easier and allow him to keep his business running smoothly, and in Matt’s words “…really, really happy with the delivery and the quality of the finished product.”

Both Matt and Mark are happy that our solutions made their jobs easier and hassle-free.

“It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s affordable”

Monkeytoe. Everything better.


Monkeytoe were engaged to supply us with an alternative to our traditional structural steel rooftop mechanical plant platform.
The design utilising strong and lightweight materials is a great advantage. The seamless interface of their supports with our traditional structural steel roof beams works perfectly.

An all-in-one package complete with deck structure, mesh and sound wall, had a positive affect to the program that was a great bonus for the construction team. Monkeytoe did it all with great efficiency and speed, saving construction costs and time to our overall program. All components arrived from New Zealand on time and in good condition (even with the added complications of Covid-19!). Initial assembly was done in the carpark of the site and then easily craned into position on the roof.

The Monkeytoe team in New Zealand and here in Australia were efficient, easy to work with and a pleasure to deal with. We are more than proud to have the first of your systems, on our site, in Australia.

Matt Harriden
Premier Build Pty Ltd.

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