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You know you are doing something right when three people contact you about the same job: the owner, the roofer and the air-con company. When the owners were having problems with a leaking roof at 29 Union Street, Auckland, they needed to fix it – and quickly. Years of tradesmen servicing condenser units and rotting timber mounts had led to roofing metal erosion. We were asked to provide access – and with tenants in the building, any work needed to be done quickly and efficiently.

The roofing contractors worked on the roof in sections. Heavy condenser units were lifted off, and a section of the roof was replaced; we then installed new platforms and mounts before the condenser units were reinstalled. One large bank of units required a 10m x 3.4m platform. We installed a network of walkways for access to all the units so there would be no further damage to the new roof.

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