Spitfire Square
Retail Centres

One of Christchurch’s newest retail centres, Spitfire Square is looking good inside and out.

Located just off Memorial Drive, this retail hot spot offers a range of services to the 6000 people working in and around the airport, along with the thousands of visitors that use the airport itself.

Working with Naylor Love construction, Monkeytoe provided access to the two large roof areas, along with platforms for the large array of air-conditioning units and traffickable snow guards to make access easy.

Heavy snowfall can easily block drains and cause untold damage as it melts; worse, it can crack pipes and gutters if it refreezes. Our snow and gutter guards sit above the gutter so snow can melt through. They can be safely walked on, and sections can be lifted out to service drain heads.

The vast platforms have huge load capacity. Plant equipment and air conditioning units are easily installed and servicing them is easy.

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