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As you’ll know by now, we like pushing the boundaries when it comes to making our industry better. We did that just again this month, with something that promises to deliver even faster installs for our clients: the XBEAM platform lift, with new HushMonkey acoustic panels.

The solution is simple, but incredibly effective. Rather than develop the XBEAM platform, lift it onto the building, and then fit the HVAC units, we’ve compressed the timeline down to further streamline the process for our clients.

We start with our consultation process, ensuring that we’re developing an XBEAM platform that’s going to deliver according to their needs and building requirements. Once we’ve made a plan of attack, the pre-fabrication process begins, with our workshop crafting the more-or-less final product.

We then install the stubs, ready for the platform lift phase. We lift and fix the HVAC units onto the platform, then it’s simply a matter of lifting the entire unit onto the roof as a complete package.

Then you’re done. It’s that easy. By keeping it together under one roof, the prefabrication process saves stacks of time at install stage – meaning fewer bodies standing around, less work at height, and a fast-track to completion that you and your clients will really appreciate.