Pedestrian, Cycling Bridges and Access Structures
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Learn more about why Aluminium is an excellent choice for for pedestrian/cycling bridges and public access structures.


Have you ever.. Crossed a pedestrian bridge over a beautiful body of water or walked on an access structure that leads to a stunning location? These structures not only serve a  practical purpose but can also add beauty to outdoor spaces. Aluminium is quickly becoming the material of choice for these types of structures and for good reason.


Why aluminium? When it comes to pedestrian/cycling bridges and public access structures, aluminium is an excellent choice for those looking to minimize maintenance costs. Steel and wooden structures require regular maintenance to prevent corrosion and rot, respectively. In contrast, aluminium requires little to no maintenance, resulting in lower lifecycle costs. Aluminium for these applications offers unparalleled durability and versatility, reducing construction time and costs, enhancing safety, and promoting sustainability.



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