Portal vs Purlin: The Mounting Showdown
If you need to mount an equipment platform, you really have two options.

The first is building a plant room for your HVAC or other sensitive equipment. This is a great solution – if you’ve got the real estate to spare. But if you’re wanting to utilise the untapped square metres on your roof, then you need the second option: purlin- and portal/rafter-mounted roof platforms.

Which option is better for you will depend, naturally, on your circumstances.  Both portal/rafter and purlin mounts are popular for new buildings; we’ve  designed our options here at Monkeytoe to be light, flexible in design, durable, and fast to install.

Our work in engineering, design, and construction has reminded us that providing unbiased information and reliable resources is just as important as industry-leading products and the best service possible. So if you’re a building owner, then you need to know the smartest, most cost-effective and most reliable option for you.

So why portal or rafter mount? Why purlin? What’s going to come out on top for your needs – now and into the future?

That’s what this eBook is about: understanding not just the what, but the why of your mounting options.

Read on to find out more about portal/rafter and purlin mounts – and which is the smartest choice for you and your next mounting project.

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