Terms & Conditions

Subject to, and not limited to the following:

  General and Finance T&C’s

  •  Unless approved for standard credit terms with Monkeytoe Group Ltd, 50% deposit is required before manufacture commences and balance   payment will be required before dispatch
  •  No Retentions accepted unless negotiated at the time of acceptance.
  •  Only items specifically mentioned in the above descriptions are deemed to be included in the proposal.
  •  This proposal is based on the condition that all works are accepted as one contract. If the scope of works is reduced Monkeytoe may be required   to re-price according to the revised scope of works.
  •  Sub-Contract acceptance will still be subjective to any product price rises that Monkeytoe receive from our suppliers before the contract works are completed.
  •  Monkeytoe assumes that this will be consented works – consent taken care of by building owner per regulations.
  •  An administration fee may be charged on all overdue amounts in addition to any other charges pursuant to this clause
  •  Interest will accrue on all amounts overdue at the rate of 2.5% per month and will be calculated on a day by day basis until payment is made in full.
  •  All costs of or incurred by the Vendor as a result of a default by the Customer including but not limited to administration charges, debt collection costs and legal costs as between solicitor and client shall be payable by the Customer.
  • If the Customer default in any payment or commits any act of bankruptcy or any act which would render it liable to be wound up or if a resolution is passed or proceedings are filed for the winding up of the Customer or if a receiver is appointed for all or any assets of the Customer, the Vendor may cancel any Order without prejudice to any other rights it may have and payment for all completed Orders shall immediately become due.



Freight and Installation T&C’s

  • Safe access is to be provided to the work area for our installers. Scaffolding or EWP’s are not included unless specifically noted in the description.
  • Work area is deemed to be a safe environment. Customer/Builder to provide edge protection or harness points as required.
  • Installation to be carried out during normal hours (7.00am to 5pm) Monday to Friday. Work specially required outside these hours may require a VO to contract.
  • Installation has been allowed to be completed as one site establishment. If a staged installation programme is required a VO may be required.
  • Customer to provide cranage of product to the roof, unless cranage has been specifically noted as included in the description above.
  • If Crane/Hiab has been included in this proposal, the provision of a dogman or rigger is excluded unless noted.
  • Freight is based on one delivery to site only. A VO may be required for split deliveries.
  • Traffic management is not included in this proposal unless it is specifically noted in the quote.
  • Any builders work required to accommodate the product included in this proposal is to be completed prior to installers arriving on site. Delays due to incomplete builders works may incur a VO.
  • Where Cranage has been carried out by the customer, the product should be placed on the roof within 30m of the installation location.
  • Site inductions deemed to be no longer than 30 minutes and can be carried out on the day of installation, please advise if inductions exceed this or are required to be completed before the day of installation.
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to unload the product from the freight truck if Cranage is being provided by the customer (forklift may be required).
  • Fixing to walls & floors – It is the responsibility of the customer to provide a services layout plan or xray scanning for hidden services when required.


Product T&C’s

  • Walkway and platforms exclude handrails unless noted.
  • Powder coating or painting is included only if noted or shown as a separate line item.
  • Installation is included only if noted or shown as a separate line item.
  • It is the client’s responsibility to ensure all equipment is fixed directly to the platform structure, not the mesh. Unit rails can be provided with the platform, but if they’re not specifically mentioned in the quote they are excluded.


Design T&C’s

  • Monkeytoe Group Ltd assume the building structure is adequate to support the loads that will be applied via our products.
  • Design covers for Building Importance Level 2 only, unless specifically noted in this proposal.
  • The design and engineering component of this proposal does not cover checking the existing structure unless noted otherwise. This can be included for a separate fee.
  • Producer/engineering statements are excluded unless noted and where they are included clause B2 is excluded for aluminium products. Detailed calculations can be provided for additional costs.
  • Unless otherwise stated, Monkeytoe has allowed for the provision of up to 2 revisions of shop drawings to accommodate requested design changes. If further design revisions are requested, this could result in a VO extra to the quoted sum.
  • Monkeytoe utilise proprietary extrusions and therefore Monkeytoe design details may differ from what is shown on project drawings by other designers.


Standard Periods of Warranty

Please refer to our Product Spec Sheets for Warranty information.