Roof Hatches: A Door to Endless Possibilites

What is a Roof Hatch? A roof hatch is a door to endless possibilities.

What is a Roof Hatch?

A roof hatch is a door to endless possibilities.

Why would I choose a roof hatch as opposed to an external ladder?

If you do not want to visibly see the roof access on the outside of the building this is a great hidden option.

Or if you have an apartment block or commercial building and this may be the safest and only access option.

What size hatch should I get?

Well…if you are wanting to safely access what amazing stuff you have on your roof area (or would like to hide away and get a good suntan) the best size and standard size of our hatches are 1100mm x 800mm, why is that? Because you might like to be code compliant and have enough clearance to safely climb through the hatch without knocking yourself out!

You can also have any custom size hatch manufactured over this size if required.

Don’t like the colour of Marine grade mil finish Aluminium?

We can powder coat our hatches in any standard Dulux colour that matches your roof and colour taste best.

How do I get to the hatch?

To access our roof hatch we have a fold down ladder that discretely folds away and leaves your ceiling looking sleek.

But wait! Do you have an internal ceiling space too high to reach the hatch? Never fear, we can also provide a suspended ceiling kit complete with a ladder to help you reach the stars.

Are you clumsy and prone to tripping over your feet?

No need to worry, we also have available our hatch handrails to surround the hatch and making you feel safe when you are on the roof, we can also provide a gate if required.

Is your roof on a slope?

No worries! Our hatches can be fitted to any roof pitch between 0-45 degrees and are fitted with gas struts for ease of opening.

Want to keep the crazy birds out?

Our hatches are fully lockable for security and have an insulated lid to keep the pecking at a minimum, and can be designed to suit all wind zones, so bring it on Wellington!

So if you are stuck on a roof access solution please reach out!

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