Whether you have a difficult space to reach, or need a bespoke architectural design, we will provide a structure that is compliant and safe.

As specialists in custom access and mounting, we can quickly provide a smart, economic and comprehensive design. Our end-to-end service encompasses design and documentation, manufacture and installation, through to code compliance.

Monkeytoe Group’s Technical Division is responsible for the development and engineering of access and mounting systems. This division focuses on designing innovative and custom solutions to meet the specific requirements of their clients.

Our process is simple Get Started Now
Step One

We provide a consultation – either online, at your office, or ours. Here, we can discuss any upcoming project where you may want a custom design to address any challenges, or a better solution.

Step Two
Design & Engineering

We develop the design concept and supply a cost estimate for approval. This starts the design and documentations process.

Step 3
Sign Off

When the design is finalized, we provide a fixed cost for manufacture and installation – or, if you’re prepared to proceed from the proposal, we will cover any small changes as a variation. All designs include full engineering documentation!

Step Three

Your project is then manufactured in one of our high performing factories. Using the latest in technology and Machinery.

Step Four

Installation of your custom solution then takes place, with our skilled team operating across New Zealand, Australia and further afield. You can ensure your project will be completed to a quality standard.

Choose a true Specialist/ Consultant
We’re systems experts for roof, ceiling and building access, and also for plant mounting. That’s all we do, and we’ve installed thousands of these structures across New Zealand and abroad. We know the Building Code inside out and are often called upon to redesign a scheme that proved too bulky or expensive. Engage us early and we’ll get it right the first time.
Faster and more cost-effective
If access systems are not your core expertise, contact us to design an efficient system for you. We offer the advantages of aluminium: a light and strong material that is easy to work and fast to install for time and cost savings. We incorporate many of our modular designs and products into our custom designs, which streamlines the process even further.
We find the best solution
The Building Code and standards have many grey areas. Deciphering them is a challenge, but we’ve got it all figured out for access and mounting systems. We understand the difference between ‘requirements’ and ‘best practices’ – operational features that make structures easier and safer to use.
Consultation to installation
Monkeytoe offers a full solution. We have all the expertise in-house, which means you don’t have to deal with multiple trades or consultants to get your project done. Step by step, we provide it all: consultation – design – engineering - documentation – manufacture – installation.
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