Alliance Mataura


  • Walkways
  • Handrails
  • Caged Lader
  • Stairs

Alliance Group is an important part of Aotearoa New Zealand’s red meat story. Since starting up in 1948 (as Alliance Freezing Company), they’ve been procuring, processing and marketing world-class red meat products (your classic lamb, beef and venison) to more than 65 countries.

Their Mataura plant in Southland, about an hour’s drive from Invercargill, needed some help. The processing of meat and meat by-products demands a lot of water, and nearly all of that water has high amounts of nutrients and animal-based compounds. Managing that wastewater is an ongoing challenge, and requires regular inspections and care to prevent it from becoming an issue. Fortunately, Monkeytoe were at hand to help them out the best way we could – with smarter, safer access solutions that would stand the test of time.

The existing solution was old and in need of care; it didn’t provide any fall protection for their daily checks and management. After taking some detailed site measurements, we completed structural drawings and proposed our solution: aluminium walkways, ladders and stairs that could be integrated into their existing facilities, reaching between major water feed tanks and providing safe and efficient access for the Mataura staff.

We believe this is an untapped opportunity for many operations. Rather than having to redesign buildings or alter how a business works, instead we’re able to fit new solutions to older structures with minimal interference or interruption – thereby saving costs and time, and ensuring that business can move forward better than before. 

Beig in the deep south and a relatively remote location, this project presented its challenges including working at height and above water. But it’s nothing our team can’t handle and, with some careful planning, we smashed out this job with a turnkey solution.