Better Under One Roof: Consistent, Exceptional Quality


Over the years, we’ve talked about the ways that increased efficiencies, new technologies and innovative designs are transforming the construction and architecture landscape.

The pursuit of better solutions for our clients has driven us since day dot. That’s why I’m proud that Monkeytoe has built – and continues to build worldwide – a reputation for excellence across the board.

From initial consult to scoping, design, manufacture and install, we’re big believers in the idea that if you’re going to do it, you’ve got to do it well. And if you’re going to do it all, you’d better be sure that you’re going to get all of it right.

The proof’s in the pudding, as it were. Architects, engineers, builders and building owners alike worldwide trust our total consultation-to-installation services and design specialists, and our ability to make complex access challenges simple.

That’s because we do it all under one roof. We don’t waste time and our clients’ budgets outsourcing when we simply don’t need to. Our experts in design, materials, manufacture and installation are working together daily to deliver exceptional solutions for our clients, no matter their project or challenge.

Read on to find out more about why we’re better together.

Consistent, Exceptional Quality

Since Monkeytoe designs, manufactures and installs a complete range of aluminium mechanical structures for rooftops and industrial sites, we know how critical it is to get every bit of the process right.

Monkeytoe combines integration and application of new technologies to provide seamless control over quality and consistency.

Aluminium & Beyond

That starts with our aluminium solutions, including beams, platforms and Hushmonkey panels. Aluminium has long been seen as
a premium, quality product, but now its versatility is really being realised. It’s an abundant metal with incredible performance against corrosion; it’s lightweight, so easier to install; it’s endlessly renewable and it lasts a lifetime.

Where steel had once dominated the building industry, aluminium can offer great new solutions where lighter, more resilient solutions are needed.

Our Flagship XBEAM

But our quality and manufacture of course extends to our newer offerings including the XBEAM, a unique combination of marine- grade high tensile T6 aluminium with the unparalleled directional strength of carbon fibre reinforcement to produce a beam that’s up to 65% lighter than steel.

It can also span more than 10 metres while supporting greater loads than traditional steel beams can. This beam is almost twice as strong as steel, yet a fraction of the weight.

Find out more

Click here to download our latest ebook “Better Together: Keeping it under one roof with Monkeytoe” to find out more about how Monkeytoe can add value to your project by managing every element – from consultation to installation.

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