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A note from Budd

Hi everyone,

It seems that autumn has well and truly arrived with the blast of much-welcome rain we’ve had this month. It has put a damper on that summer feeling – but also helped us appreciate an excellent season both here at the Monkeytoe offices, and on sites across the country.

In this month’s update, we’ve got great ideas and great people to celebrate. We’ve found ourselves delivering access solutions from Takanini to the extreme off-grid of Te Ureweras for a diverse range of clients that we’ve been able to work with on a host of projects.

We also welcomed two excellent new members to the team: Joeli, our new Project Manager for the Manawatu region; Shyam, our Automation Lead and configurator extraordinaire.

Look out for these names in your inboxes and their brains in future Monkeytoe industry-leading ideas.

And not least of all, we’re teasing a little more the launch of our re-developed HVAC solutions due to come out in the next month. They’re a stronger, smarter, better solution – but then that’s what we’re known for!


Budd Prestidge, General Manager

Meet Jamieson – Specifications Team Leader

Having joined Monkeytoe on the first day back for 2022, Jamieson Prestige has hit the ground running as our new Specification Team Leader.

As the Spec Team Leader, Jamieson gets in early on in the relationship consulting with architects and designers, and helping them work through everything from compliance and consents to the drawing up of plans.  As we know, working together early in the project can best take advantage of Monkeytoe solutions. He’s also the go-to for helping designers re-evaluate after the council has come back for more info.

Having a soft spot for maths and a long history of working alongside architects inspired him to choose the role. “I’ve always liked working with the details, and following a project from plans to the finished product,” says Jamieson. 

We’re looking forward to seeing what ideas he brings to the table; Jamieson’s keen to develop our offerings, and spearhead the next industry-shaking offering. Add to that the pleasure in helping designers achieve their vision for their customers, and, of course, Monkeytoe’s great reputation in his native Taranaki, and Jamieson’s right at home here.

An outdoorsman at heart, you might find him tramping around Mount Taranaki or kayaking out a long line to snag a bit of kaimoana. Not one to stop moving, he’s also part of a local crossfit group and a multi-talented musician riffing on the guitar or piano, bass or drums, or listening to “anything I can get my hands on.” 

Make sure you reach out to Jamieson for expert advice and support on compliance and design.

Fonterra Takanini: Pipe Support Project

We really come into our finest form when we get a chance to work with excellent clients who help us push the boundaries. Fonterra in Takanini are no exception, with some exceptional opportunities from consultancy and design to installation.

The Fonterra Takanini project was an example of collaboration, innovation and both the Fonterra structural, mechanical consultants & MKT teams working in synergy and achieving great things as a result (at least, we reckon!).

When running new process lines through new and existing building structures, the idea of utilising modular aluminium systems is a no-brainer. Firstly, weight reduction comes naturally with this incredible element – with aluminium having only one third of the weight of steel. (This also makes the transport and install phases much easier, since we don’t need to lug around heavy, bulky gear.) In addition, our systems mean that we were able to design a flexible, compliant system that gave Fonterra a customised pipe support that’ll stand the test of time.

Access anywhere

Pushing access to its limits, a recent project saw us helicopter stairs into the Whirinaki Te Pua-a-Tane Conservation Park. 

Located in the heartlands of Rotorua, in Te Urewera, this forest park is about as remote as it gets!

Our re-developed HVAC mounts due to launch

A couple of months back we shared that our new, redeveloped Condenser Mounts were on their way. We’re very pleased to say that they’ll soon be ready for your next project!

These new mounts have been redeveloped for a couple of important reasons. Firstly, we wanted to take advantage of more modern, automated production processes so that we could reduce manufacturing costs and pass on those savings to you, our clients. That’s also meant that we’re able to get these excellent mounts into more hands without needing to throw more labour power at them, so our scalability and output can go up – and so can the impact of these mounts.

The second aspect is the custom extrusions. Previously, our mounts had taken advantage of existing extrusions – but those designs had limited weight and strength capacities that we knew needed an upgrade. We developed brand new custom extrusions specifically for our new mounts which are designed to take better advantage of bracing geometry.

The long and the short of it is that our new mounts are capable of handling an impressively high loading – something that’s needed in earthquake-prone New Zealand and wind-prone Australia. Now our off-the-shelf designs can handle up to a tonne of loading – almost four times the previous limit for an existing standard design, and without the need for customised solutions.

We’re continuing our ethos of modular design too, with the new mounts able to keep stacking for more capacity. And we’ve included anti-vibration pads specifically designed for our mounts with every new kit.Come the beginning of May, our new mounts will be ready to go. If you’re chomping at the bit and want to know more, then flick an email to [email protected]

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