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Check out what's been happening at Monkeytoe in September in our latest monthly news feature.

A note from Budd

Hi everyone,

Daylight savings and longer sunshine hours must mean one thing: spring is here. And with those extra hours in the day comes a lot of great Monkeytoe work done on both sides of the Tasman.

Here’s a taste of what’s in this month’s update: the largest dam New Zealand has seen in two decades, a slick movie at Hoyts Ormiston, the launch of a massive retail store, a fresh blog, a day in the life of one of our PMs, and some exciting projects in Australia.

As we build towards the end of the year, we’re encouraging all our clients and industry partners to think ahead and make sure that their projects are all lined up. No one wants to stress about a project in the lead-up to the summer break, after all. So make sure you give us a call and talk to one of our design and consult team members to find out how we can help keep things running smoothly and get the best out of your next project.



Waimea Community Dam

The largest dam built in Aotearoa New Zealand in over two decades, the Waimea Community Dam in Lee Valley, South Island, is a promise to the future of the Tasman region.

Planning and consultation began in 2012 for a dam that would secure the region’s water supply for the next century, improve water quality to provide a better environment for people, flora, and fauna, and strengthen the local economy by supporting primary industries.

Monkeytoe were fortunate enough to be a part of this massive project doing what we do best: providing design consultation services and engineering an access solution that would stand the test of time, no matter what the region threw at Waimea Dam.

While originally quoted and designed around structural steel solutions, you’ll no doubt know that steel doesn’t perform too well long-term around water!

We were brought in with our best aluminium and XBEAM-powered innovations, creating a range of access solutions that will last a lifetime – and, being lighter in weight, also put less stress on the other parts of the structures while making it easy to get around.

Hoyts Ormiston

You’ve never seen a cinema like this.

Last month we showcased the incredible Ormiston town centre and our part in the mall project.

A highlight for us was working at the Hoyts Cinema space, developing specified gantry walkways to connect two of Hoyts’ Xtremescreen cinemas, as well as unique fire escapes that support the cinema’s acoustic needs.

Check out this slick video our team put together – and see if you can spot the Monkeytoe products as we make our way through this plush new venue!


Costco NZ’s flagship store opens 28 September

It’s a first for Kiwis: high quality warehouse savings on first-class merchandise. Costco is finally here in Westgate, Auckland, with a grand opening on the 28th of September that saw superfans queuing overnight to be the first in.

Costco offers a range of goods across fresh and long-life food items, electronics and furniture, fuel, a pharmacy, an optical department, a food court, and even a tyre centre. Early feedback indicates that they’re much cheaper than local competitors for nearly everything on offer – and hoping to draw big crowds looking for great deals.

Check out this exciting new store – and see if you can spot our aluminium stair units each reaching about five storeys. We were fortunate to bring our XBEAM and aluminium solutions to this exciting project – helping the architects and designers focus on a great site (and leave the stairs and access to us!).

A day in the life of Joeli Nagara

Our project managers rock – and our Lower North Island PM Joeli Nagera is no exception.

While based out of the mighty Taranaki, Joeli’s flexible role means that he’s often appearing on site on projects from Auckland to Wellington, building relationships and working with our excellent customers on projects from design to install.

One of our newest video series – A Day in the Life – starts with the man himself describing what it’s like to be a project manager with Monkeytoe. Check it out!

Need a stair for your project or property, but not sure where to start?

Compliance is a massive issue, and not least of all because it’s about keeping our people safe. That’s why most projects need engagement from a fire engineer and an architect – but get Monkeytoe on the job, and we can provide stair design services that comply with their requirements including structural requirements and the building code.

We’ve prepared a fresh blog over on our website to help you get your head around design specifications so that you can start on the right foot when it comes to your project’s next stair access.

Monkeytoe action across the ditch

Our Australian counterparts have been busy this year too. One of the highlights of our year in Oz has been working on Richmond Quarter – a mixed-use development with significant works across a large ground floor retail, commercial offices, and ‘build to rent’ apartments across five buildings.

Richmond Quarter is a major project that’s attracted a lot of attention in Perth.

We were asked to fit Hushmonkey screens here, ensuring that plant machinery was kept out of sight and out of mind for residents and shoppers alike. The 2.4m panels were run vertically in large linear metres, with 350+ metres of Monkeytoe Hushmonkey screening in play.

It’s been another excellent project for us to show off our good work and to work with some exciting and innovative businesses along the way.

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