Unsure about who sung it best….us too! What we’re not unsure about however is walkways.

Unsure about who sung it best….us too! What we’re not unsure about however is walkways, and one walked by a bit of an icon… Beauden Barrett.  Check the video out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPD07SMe1LE

So, if you have ever wanted to know more about Walkways, what walkways look like, why you should use a Walkway, how a Walkway works, then keep reading.  We have all the information you could possibly need.

Why Do I need a Walkway on my Roof?

An increasing consideration in delivering industrial, commercial projects is the allowance for safe access by personnel to reach equipment such as filters, exhausts, fans, often at height.

Significant risks are applied to working at heights to service this equipment, which have often not been thought through, posing access risk by leaving foot traffic to access equipment via applications not suitable – i.e., standing directly on the rooftop to reach!

To provide safe access along the rooftop to reach the services, it is important to consider a compliant service walkway.

Why Should I not walk directly on the Rooftop?

  • The roofing material is the building’s weather shield, and repeated foot traffic on it will cause dents and cracks over time.
  • Walking directly on the roof can decrease the roof’s longevity.
  • It increases the level of risk; the roof is not a non-slip surface that was applied for the purpose of walking directly on.

Will installing a Walkway damage my Roof?

Depending on which system you choose your roof may be compromised.  Monkeytoe Walkways are designed to NOT damage your roof.

Other Walkway Systems

  • May be heavier structures that are not only costly but require significant loading to your roof structure.
  • Require more penetration of the roof.
  • May be applied directly to the roof creating damage by trapping debris and holding moisture leading to rapid deterioration.

Monkeytoe Walkways

  • Are lightweight (in comparison to other Walkway systems) leading to significantly reduced roof loading in larger projects
  • Are raised! Allowing for debris and water to wash away below, keeping your roof in the best condition possible.

How does the Monkeytoe Walkway Work?

  • Monkeytoe walkway systems for roofs are designed around transferring the weight of the system back to the roof substructure, bearing no weight on the roof itself.
  • Using a proprietary roof clip, the Monkeytoe walkway fixes to the purlin or girt below the roofing iron. Existing TEK screws are removed to utilise existing holes and avoid additional penetrations. The hole is then sealed using a neoprene washer, guaranteeing a weathertight connection.
  • If the roof profile is a hidden fix, such as Dimondek 400 or Dimond dek 630, Monkeytoe utilise a clamp type fixing to avoid penetrating the roof sheeting.
  • The raised walkway ensures rain washing can take place, avoiding debris traps and roof rusting that occur in walkway systems placed directly onto the roof.

What materials are used for Walkways?

When considering a walkway on your rooftop/ or a walkway to access service equipment, it’s important to consider which material is best.

Timber Walkway

  • Timber is not the cost-effective option it seems to be. Harmful tannins will leach from it, corroding your roof. Repairing this damage alone could cost you more than installing a longer-lasting system.
  • Timber can also become slippery when wet, especially if moss and mould start to grow.


  • T6 high tensile 6061 marine grade aluminium, is the same alloy utilised in the shipbuilding industry.
  • Alumimium alloy naturally forms an oxide which acts as a protective layer to resist corrosion
  • Monkeytoes ‘Smartwalk Range’ of Walkways are made of Alumimium alloy and therefore is backed by a lifetime warranty.

 FRP Fibreglass

  • Slightly more cost-effective option compared to Aluminium Alloy
  • Lighter weight, even when compared with Aluminium
  • Monkeytoe ‘Skywalk Range’ of Walkways are made of FRP Fibreglass and is backed by a 15yr warranty.

Where can Monkeytoe Walkways be used?

  • Rooftops
  • Commercial High-Rise
  • Industrial Plant
  • Retail
  • DOC/ Council Projects
  • Multi-Residential
  • Food Producers
  • Supermarkets
  • Wherever you need safe access to equipment

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