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17-storey hotel extensions don’t happen every day and this one was no exception.

This building alteration required a temporary fire egress stair, and Monkeytoe had the perfect solution once again.  The 26m modular stair was pre-fabricated offsite and took less than 4 days to install.

Time is money is construction and once again Monkeytoe was able to provide this benefit to the end user.


The problem that we had was that the existing egress stair was chosen to be used on our new job as the building interface. So, the solution was the Monkeytoe access system on the outside of the building which gave the occupants inside the live hotel, the ability to use that stair while we had or removed the existing stair down the side of the building.

By using Monkeytoe is was an offsite pre-fabrication process that allowed us to build and prepare the rooms and openings while it was built offsite.
Time's money in construction and we had the problem of a piling contractor that was fast approaching the location of where we needed to drop the existing egress stair. So effectively we had two channels of production - rather than preparing the opening, removing all the scaffold and then rebuilding everything modally, it was all pre-fabricated and brought into us as soon as we were ready.

The solution that Monkeytoe proposed, and what we were working with, had the two concurrent streams of production happening at the same time. The other options of pre-fabrication weren't available, so it was an obvious choice to use Monkeytoe at the time.

Definitely recommend Monkeytoe to others for access solutions.

Nick Wright
Hawkins Construction

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