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A note from Budd

Hi everyone,

This month we’ve got a big celebration: 15 amazing years of Monkeytoe.

That’s right. In August 2006, Monkeytoe was officially registered as NZ’s the first raised walkway and platform full solution provider, pioneering with the proprietary non-penetrating clip.

A lot’s changed since then. We’ve expanded massively, going from ‘the boys on the roof’ to the designers of tomorrow’s access solutions with a comprehensive consultancy plus manufacture and install teams across Australia and New Zealand.

We’ve taken a brief look at our history over the last 15 years in this month’s newsletter. We’re also talking about bridges – and teasing our new ebook Bridging the Gap about our bridges, stairs, and custom access solutions that are going further into bold fresh territory.

Scroll down and you’ll also see a link to a short video as to how we’re achieving what others thought impossible: quality products quickly made and fitted – and with better value than anything else out there right now.


Budd Prestidge, General Manager

15 Incredible Years of Monkeytoe

It all started with Kiwi innovation.

Tim Prestige, our Director – then operating a mobile engineering firm – had done a lot of work with a client when they came to him asking for a solution: to fix a walkway to a hidden-fix roof profile, without penetrating the roof sheeting. This was, after all, the time of New Zealand’s leaky homes crisis; industry leaders and local builders alike were scrambling to overcome water ingress issues and looking for smarter weatherproofing solutions. What could Tim and his team develop that would break the mold?

Monkeytoe was soon born, with the original Monkeytoe clip being a revolution in mounting for New Zealand. This first clip formed the ‘Monkeytoe’ name, it simply snapped onto the roof sheeting and the walkway was built of this base clip.

From there, the company grew from fewer than a half-dozen workers producing roofing walkways, to the Australasian-spanning, groundbreaking access solutions leader it is today.

Our earliest clients were builders and plant operators. We grew steadily, growing our reputation for perseverance, innovation, and challenging the status quo. Now, we’re no longer ‘the boys on the roof’; we’re doing large, complex structures, designs, and total access solutions for the transport industry and primary industries, alongside food manufacturing and commercial construction. 

15 years of HVAC plant mounting and custom access, backed with an equal number of years of engineering, has seen Monkeytoe grow into a full solution provider across design, manufacture, and installation.

Over the last decade and a half, we can say, without a doubt, our staff have are our most valuable asset. We’ve got a great culture here at Monkeytoe, and with our values of; Visionary, Ownership, Innovation, Collaboration and Excellence (VOICE), we know that everyone has a voice and chance to be heard, this helps us strive for everything better.

Monkeytoe is on a trajectory, where innovation is at the heart of what we do. We’ve got big aspirations; our future projects – especially around Aluminium/composite products – will open doors to innovation spaces where no one else is playing, which is a huge motivator for our team, and continues to set us apart.

Monkeytoe versus the alternatives

You can have it quickly, you can have it done well, or you can have it at a low cost.

Time, quality, or cost. Sound familiar? It’s a classic engineering and design adage that you can have one or two, but never all three.

Well that’s where we’re different. We’ve optimised our processes to do all: we’re confident our solutions are faster, higher quality, and have a better lifetime value than anything else on the market.

Check out our short video to find out more about how we’ve developed our solutions to be smarter, faster, and ready to beat the competition any day.

Bridges by Monkeytoe

You might be surprised to learn that a bridge is something of an engineering challenge. You can’t just drop a beam across a gap and call it a bridge! Rather, there’s a subtle art in balancing span, strength, member size, weight, performance, and aesthetic.

Achieving the span remains the number one challenge in bridge construction; the further the span, the harder it is to get the performance you need. And each material demands different approaches: a brick bridge will have to be more squat than a steel-and-concrete bridge, and different again to the marine-grade high tensile aluminium in our designs. We use trusted aluminium because it’s easy to work with, has a low weight with high strength, and so can achieve exceptional spans without compromising on strength or performance.

We’ve also got to make sure we create a small footprint. Heavier, bigger structures need a lot of support from fat columns – but again, this is where aluminium really steps up. The combination of high quality aluminium and our unique design means our bridges can be installed where other options can’t, and with fewer installation and maintenance costs.

Plus, whether you need something for a public or private application, for recreation or for industry, you can rest assured that our aluminium bridges will perform exceptionally well in all conditions – even in water or coastal settings – and so won’t need endless maintenance throughout its working life.


Download our new eBook: Bridging the Gap

We here at Monkeytoe have big ambitions. Not least among them is solving the access solutions of today and tomorrow – and that’s where our bridges, stairs, and custom access designs are leading the pack.

We’ve just released our latest ebook Bridging the Gap: Bridges, stairs, and custom access with Monkeytoe, which explores how we’re helping businesses, councils, and industry clients to go further and deeper, accessing the places that had previously been underutilised thanks to our innovations and engineering know-how.

Download your copy from the website and start thinking about how you can help us make accessibility issues a thing of the past.


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