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Southland has been awash with excitement since 2021, when Invercargill’s $180 million city block development was first announced. The process, split into stages, saw its first opening in 2022, with a ceremony that included a blessing by kaumātua Michael Skerrett and a ribbon-cutting by Invercargill mayor Sir Tim Shadbolt.

We had our hand in the project too, of course. Monkeytoe were brought in to provide long-lasting, high quality access solutions across the roofing space – in particular, access to the roof, plant equipment, HVAC and internal gutters, and so forth. In total, it amounted to about half a kilometre of walkways and platforms, and a lot of distance covered by step ladders, some small platforms and 17 access stairs. 

This was a fast-moving project down in the deep south, which was another project some distance from our base in mighty Taranaki. But with some careful planning and a bit of foresight, we were able to execute on time. 

But it’s not just us who think we did a stand-up job. Just listen to this feedback from Charles Ulmer at Amalgamated Builders, who spearheaded this project and delivered an incredible new precinct for Invercargill. 

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