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A note from Budd

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the first Monkeytoe update of 2021. I hope you all had restful and productive summer breaks, with plenty of time to enjoy what our country has on offer, and came back last month fully charged.

This month’s a slightly shorter update, with something of a catch-up of what’s been happening over the summer. We revisit the Target Road (Auckland) retail project, sharing some sharp videos and new photos of their comprehensive XBEAM-powered solutions – followed later by some critical comparisons that showcase how XBEAM is still leaving traditional solutions in the dust.

When your roof is your first line of defence against the weather, it pays to know how to protect it against damage from structures, and during installation. That’s why we’ve also released a new ebook available on the website – read on to find out more.

Finally, we’re all about making things easier for our clients – which is our total end-to-end design, manufacture and installation service has proven such a winner for so many of our clients.

Find out how we can take care of the details from start to finish for you – and make platforms and accessways much, much easier for you.

Take care of yourselves.



Budd Prestidge, General Manager

Target Road, Auckland – XBEAM platforms, HVAC and walkway solutions

The Target Road project in Glenfield, Auckland, actually started with the plan to supply a half-dozen platforms, but when we started discussing the situation with our client, we realised one larger platform would achieve a better result.

Rather than lifting and fitting a half-dozen units onto the roof, our engineers lifted a single XBEAM platform that was secured to the portal frame and completed within two days.

Check out our handiwork – including our HVAC and walkway solutions – over on the website.

Giving Back: Donating to Cure Kids

Cure Kids was set up with the faultless goal of investing in research to transform the health of children and improve the lives of kids affected by serious life-affecting and limiting health conditions. Over the last 50 years, they’ve invested more than $55 million in big NZ research for little lives, helping generations of kids and countless families and whanau in the process.

We reckon it’s only right to pay it forward, so earlier in the year we donated $10,000 to Cure Kids, sponsored by the excellent teams at Stronghold Fasteners, KOR Creative, Mainfreight, Altus and OurCloud.

Keen to do your part? You can donate directly to Cure Kids and help contribute to life-saving research over on their website.

Under One Roof: The full design and engineering solution

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: construction, design, engineering, and architectural projects have the potential to quickly become complex. That means you need oversight over every part of a project if you want it done properly.

Our full custom solution offers just that: total end-to-end design and engineering, manufacturing and installation services, all from a single plan.

This is what we excel at, here at Monkeytoe, so it makes sense to have exclusive engineers and mechanical mounting, compliance, and installation experts taking care of the process from beginning to end.

We’ve been helping clients find the right solutions for their projects, saving.

Xbeam by Monkeytoe versus Traditional Platforms

At around half the weight and able to be installed in a fraction of the time, The Xbeam rafter-mount platform solution makes life easier for builders and installers, and is opening up new avenues to architects and designers.

Constructed from lightweight aluminium and reinforced with carbon fibre, this beam leads the way in terms of design and engineering.  The versatility of this rafter-mount system allows us to generate platform designs that would otherwise be impossible using traditional methods.

Saving time, saves you money.  With Xbeam by Monkeytoe, the pre-fabrication and single lift of complete packages including platform, screening and units, saves time onsite and at heights.

Check out this handy comparison table and see for yourself why a Monkeytoe platform might just be the saving grace of your next project.

The Ultimate Defence: Protecting Your Zincalume & Colourbond Roof

As your building’s first line of defence against the elements, your roof matters. That’s why we’ve invested so much energy in protecting roofs with well-designed and seamlessly integrating mounting systems.

Here’s the rub: common mounting structures, sloppy installation, and penetrations all increase the risk of compromised roofing – and that leads to leaks, void warranties and headaches you don’t need.

Download our latest ebook The Ultimate Defence: Protecting Your Zincalume & Colourbond Roof, and learn how to protect metal roofing against damage.

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