Access the most difficult places simply and safely with Monkeytoe’s large spanning bridges, designed and manufactured in New Zealand

Graylees Bridge Project

Large Spans

Extruded aluminium provides the flexibility of reconfiguration for large span structures. Large span aluminium structures can provide more usable space due to their reduced need for support columns and beams.


Ease of handling resulting quicker transportation and faster installation.


Marine-Grade Aluminium has proven durability in all environments worldwide and has low lifecycle costs.


Great design flexibility and consistent quality. With faster construction, reduced waste and no onsite welding or hotworks required.

Easy Connection

The modular construction means a faster assembly and reduced labour costs.


Customizable designs, improved functionality and increase versatility.


Aluminium maintains a natural look finish without maintenance. Options for matching powder coated panels, and other coatings systems to match any surrounding.

Balustrade and Decking

Formed truss, standard, custom or bicycle type handrails available. Choose from Aluminium, recycled Plastic/Wood Composite or wooden tread.

Environmental & Sustainable

100% recyclable and able to be remanufactured in NZ. Low impact installation requiring less foundations and disturbance, and low maintenance without requiring hazardous coating systems or sandblasting during maintenance.

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Whether you have a difficult space to reach, or need a bespoke architectural design, we will provide a structure that is compliant and safe. As specialists in custom access and mounting, we can quickly provide a smart, economic and comprehensive design. Our end-to-end service encompasses design and documentation, manufacture and installation, through to code compliance.


Monkeytoe Group’s Technical Division is responsible for the development and engineering of access and mounting systems. This division focuses on designing innovative and custom solutions to meet the specific requirements of their clients.


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  • Durability and Lifespan of Aluminium

    Aluminium as a structural material is favourable in many applications as it offers a durable, corrosion-resistant and lightweight structure.

    San Gioacchino Church and Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain are an example of numerous well-known aluminium structures which are in service for more than 100 years.

  • Pedestrian, Cycling Bridges and Access Structures

    When it comes to pedestrian/cycling bridges and public access structures, aluminium is an excellent choice for those looking to minimize maintenance costs.

  • Graylees Bridge

    The Christchurch to Little River Trail is a Cycle & Walkway passing through some of New Zealand’s most stunning scenery & settlements. Graylees Bridge, a wooden structure spanning 17.5m due to be replaced along the trail was briefed into our Monkeytoe team, and through design and consultation, it was found our aluminium solution was the best option.

  • Why choose Monkeytoe?

    Leaders in Aluminium Design & Manufacture.

    Monkeytoe product exceeds expectations and pushes boundaries when it comes to delivering solutions for access and roof mounted structures.

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This system has been designed to the structural design action B1 & B2, AS/NZS 1664, AS/NZS 1170 & AS/NZS 1657
Fully documented third party testing of Xbeam to ensure compliance to the building code. These included deflection, horizontal, load and temperature and durability.

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