Cass Peak


  • HVAC Plant Platforms 



  • Retail

A key building at the heart of the Christchurch rebuild is the development of Cashel Square.

The multi-purpose building offers retail and office space, with a large portion allocated to BNZ Bank, who have renamed the precinct the BNZ Centre. The large buildings surround an expansive landscaped courtyard, which will connect with a number of retail malls.

What once would have required heavy structural development to support the many tonnes of equipment can now be achieved with Monkeytoe platforms. When Monkeytoe first started proposing the use of their lightweight yet robust platforms to support plant items, it was met with some scepticism. Today it is becoming the norm.

Incredibly lightweight yet able to support heavy loads, this innovative approach replaces cumbersome structural supports. The platforms can be fitted faster on-site, saving time and money; they are cost-effective, low-maintenance and corrosion-resistant, coming with a lifetime warranty; and they can safely support many tonnes.

Also used on the project were large mesh screens to hide plant equipment, as well as give some wind protection on top of the multi-storey building. Handrails were also fitted to provide fall protection on the raised platforms.