Sylvia Park Shopping Mall


  • HVAC Plant Platforms
  • Walkways
  • Stairs
  • Steps & Stiles

At 250 stores, and with the latest Galleria modifications, Sylvia Park is now the largest shopping centre in New Zealand, and one of the largest in Australisia.

When mall owners sought to expand and develop Sylvia Park – adding more free carparks, greater accessibility from train and public transport, and the upsizing and addition of new brands – they looked to Naylor Love for the significant undertaking, and trusted us for the best accessway and platform solutions.

Considering that all works were undertaken in a live mall, and with the speedbumps of lockdown, Naylor Love fairly called the work ‘extremely challenging’ – but the final product has been well worth the effort. It was particularly rewarding for us here at Monkeytoe.

We were brought on board for a huge undertaking – 1,348m of walkways, 73 platforms (with 831sqm of low platforms and 394sqm of high platforms), 7 stairs and 2 ramps.