Tegel Mil


  • Walkways
  • Handrails
  • HVAC Plant Platform

NRM Tegal Mil was a project where the client required walkway access and edge protection in between 2 very large silos 30m high, along a grain conveyor which needed servicing. They wanted install to be done on ground and completed systems to be craned up and installed.

The MKT team faced difficulties with the limited space available onsite to maneuver the large cranes. Another obstacle the team faced was a very short timeline to install the product timeline at the end of 2022. We required to install directly after the steel contractor and faced windy and rainy weather conditions which resulted in delays on installation but the team were committed to completing the project on time.

The lightweight MKT structures helped by being light enough to assemble on the ground – and clip onto existing steel structure which sped up the installation process. The walkways with handrails were broken into 3 section due to the length of the walkways and access to the beam clamp feet on the i-beams.