Nestle Marton


  • Walkways
  • Steps & Stiles
  • Handrails


  • Industrial

Nestlé has quite a presence in New Zealand, with six sites across the country. It is well known for its chocolate, and its many other brands include Uncle Toby’s, Purina and Nespresso.

One of Nestlé’s key goals is to ensure all its employees are covered by a certified safety and health management system. The company aims towards zero work-related injuries.

Part of this was to ensure that roof access could be achieved with zero risk. “I feel a bit awkward going up there as it used to be out of bounds,’ the receptionist said. ‘Now that it has been made safe with Monkeytoe access, even I can feel safe on the roof.”

Access included a wall-mounted parapet, walkways, stiles, duct supports and stairs.