Kathleen Kilgour Centre


  • Walkways
  • Ladders


  • Healthcare & Hospitals

Early on in this project, Monkeytoe was selected to design a unique roof mounting system to suit the uncommon roof profile used in the Kathleen Kilgour Centre, which offers radiation therapy to cancer patients in the Bay of Plenty.

We engineered a custom roofing clip to fit the Euro tray-type roof. To satisfy the engineers, the architects, and our quality standards, the custom clips underwent rigorous testing to ensure the pull-off resistance exceeded the earthquake and wind loading requirements – which they did.

Our Skywalk walkway system was selected as the best option as it is raised 200mm off the roof, is fastened to the roofing using the unique Monkeytoe fixings, and uses the open fibre reinforced plastic decking. (The decking is strengthened with fibre and doesn’t warp or lose its strength over time, unlike regular plastic.)

Monkeytoe supplied the walkway system to the site to be installed by the roofers, helping the client secure a total roofing warranty.

The final result is a very tidy walkway and solar support install, with the roofing warranty still intact – and that’s something every project team wants to achieve.